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We provide students with the tools, guidance and inspiration necessary to write a strong, authentic college application essay.


The goal of the college application essay is not simply to impress admissions officers, but to unveil who you are--something that's hard to do by looking at a list of grades, test scores and extracurricular activities. Likewise, the essay is not just a demonstration of your writing ability; a thoughtful, well-crafted essay gives readers insight into who you really are and what's important to you, and allows admissions officers to get a sense whether you will fit in at their school. On the other hand, a mediocre, boring or lackluster essay can jeopardize your chances of gaining admittance to a college or university.




What Parents Say About A Bloc of Writers


"When we first met Michele and Daisy, our son had just been deferred from his top choice colleges. It was a real low point for him. Daisy worked tirelessly to help him reshape and revise his Common Application essay and helped him perfect the many supplemental essays he had to write. She was supportive and insightful and by April, he was accepted to his first choice school. I can't recommend them highly enough." - Frank, Greenwich, Conn.


"To put it mildly, this entire 'applying to college thing' is extremely stressful and scary for parents trying to navigate this for the first time. I am very grateful that you made time in your schedule to help my daughter get her essay done. Your quick and extremely helpful responses are very much appreciated. To be clear, without your assistance, my daughter would still be staring at a blank page." --Mary, Long Island


"You were so great in helping my daughter figure out a compelling topic and setting a disciplined schedule. Understanding the writing and re-writing process was especially helpful not just for her essay but with respect to writing in general. My daughter's acceptance letter specifically referred to her essay, but that's not the end of her essay experience story. She volunteered to speak in front of the whole school. It was very entertaining and met with so much success that the headmaster asked her to repeat her talk at the school's Board of Trustee's meeting. The essay experience went beyond college applications-it has made an impact on her entire senior year! Thank you again for your help. You soared above all of my expectations!" - Lisa, Armonk, NY